Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Action : Vintage Love Shoot

I want to begin this post by telling the story of how I actually came across this lovely and amazing photoshoot.

90% of my boutonniere orders are in large quantities, so when only one is order at a time I get curious. I envision these little bountonierres playing a small role in something totally awesome. When I notice one of my little guys was purchased by a photographer I immediately googled them. I was delighted to come across the lovely blog of 13:13 Boutique Wedding Photography and proceeded to bookmark. Weeks later, my little dream came true and my bout 'James' was used in a beautiful photo shoot. Seriously, this photoshoot is outta this world! A fab collaboration of photographers, super creative people and a hot adorable couple.

Thanks to Daniel (Daniel Lateulade | Photographer) and Ashely (13:13 Boutique Wedding Photography) for taking and sharing these photos with me. I'm super delighted!

Its also fun to see the different perspectives on the day and my little boutonniere "James" in-action. Enjoy friends.

ABOVE CREDIT: Daniel Lateulade | Photographer

BELOW CREDIT: 13:13 Boutique Wedding Photography

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Daniel Lateulade | Photographer
13:13 Boutique Wedding Photography